I Tip Body Wave Hair Extensions 100g(100s 1g/s) #60 Platium Blonde

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  • Item: I Tip Hair Extensions
    Grade: 3A
    Brand: FlyHair
    Color: #60 Platium Blonde
    Volume: Half Head
    Weight: 100g(100s 1g/s)
    Length: 18 - 24 Inches
    Texture: Body Wave Remy Hair
    Hair Life: 6 - 12 months (depending on care and use)
    Application: Available in the latest styles, Colors and shades
    Heat friendly: No
    Hair Material: 100% Real Human Hair

    A non-heat method that is applied with a Ring and a ringer. Just like the I-Strand, the Platium Blonde I Tip Body Wave Hair Extensions. Usually for those who prefer not to have the glue melted on their own hair. This method takes longer to attach, but it does not involve any heated glue on your hair. You can also wear these for about 3 months. The hair extensions will grow out with your own hair and you'll want to have it re-attached depending on the condition of the hair. It's simple to remove. Just re-shape the ring back into its original shape with the clamper.

    About Usage:

    How to apply Stick/I Tip hair extensions?

    To assure a proper match to your own hair, Pre-Bonded Hair color rings will be sent. There are 2 colors for rings: white color for hair 0.5g/s and black color for hair 1g/s. Do not use the wrong ring as the size doesn't fit.
    If you plan on attaching the Extensions yourself, you may need a little help to do the back of your head. You will also need a Pulling Needle, Extension Plier and Micro Links.
    Make sure your own hair is clean and free of dirt, oils and products in order to form a secure bond.

    1. Section hair from bottom to top;
    2. Insert Pulling Needle through Link;
    3. Grab a section of Hair with the Pulling Needle;
    4. Pull hair through the link and up just below the Hairline;
    5. Insert Pre-Tipped I-Tip Extension through the link;
    6. Flatten Link with Extension Plier (not pictured) which secures the Extension to your own Hair.